Ensure Fire Safety
Save Life, Save Property

Fire catches
Don't play with matches!

Get out quick
Before the smoke gets thick!


Usama Trading was established by the renowned businessman MR. SAFIULLAH SADAF (Late) in the early decade of 90’s. Over years of struggle we have gradually grown enormously to this stage. We gradually captured the market of FIRE, SAFETY, SECURITY and other related items.

A positive culture is critical to the success of an organization. Our culture is based on our values and characterizes everything we do. It represents the foundations upon which our operations are based. The following values should be reinforced in our dealings with each other, with our customer and society at large.

  • Excellence in Consultancy Services.
  • Customer satisfaction through Professionalism.
  • Positive work environment.
  • Creativity, Passion, Motivation and Initiative.
  • Respect of individuals, Ideas and Beliefs.
  • Vision, Leadership and Team work

Fire Fighting Equipments

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